WP1 – Knowledge base and solutions’ blueprint

Setting the basis of the knowledge regarding the transformative technologies and new business models that will be developed in Di-PEGASUS through identifying the key solutions’ blueprint and specifying the relative requirements from the involved stakeholders.

WP2  – Aircraft and airspace digital technologies

Developing and delivering innovative Aircraft and Airspace digital solutions as key enablers to support new business models and services for UAM. The solutions will focus on: swarm intelligence to enable on-board Collision Avoidance in aircraft’ swarms; new generation cockpits for AI-powered UASs; fleet operations management; Safe automatic landing on vertiports.

WP 3 – Digital innovative ground maintenance technologies

Developing digital maintenance strategies for landed aircraft and vertiports/water airports, including improving vehicle readiness and availability, reducing inspection and troubleshooting, avoiding/minimizing unscheduled maintenance and enhancing operational awareness, through novel, harmless and cost-effective solutions for icing and biofouling mitigation.

WP 4 – Di-PEGASUS Impact Assessment platform

Designing and implementing a Di-PEGASUS digital and scalable platform to be used for impact and cost-benefit analysis, thanks to the employing of modern technologies including data fusion, digital twins, machine learning, model-based and collaborative design enabling to give the valuated results on the prosumers’ board.

WP 5 – Impact Assessment of Di-PEGASUS technologies in real use case

Engaging relevant stakeholders, including both prosumers and end-users, in the assessment of the developed solutions, through focus groups and surveys enabling a user-centred design and development of the solutions.

WP 6 – Dissemination, exploitation and innovation management

Raising the visibility and maximizing the impact of the project by a set of communication tools and activities involving project partners, associated partners, the stakeholder community, EU decision makers, as well as the wider public.