On 31 May 2023, EALU-AER was invited to the U-ELCOME Workshop on U-Space Implementation in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

U-ELCOME is a related SESAR Digital Sky Demonstrator project coordinated by the EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub. The project is part of an innovation pipeline to bridge the gap between applied/industrial research and industrialisation, and to accelerate the market uptake of U-space initial services with the involvement of early movers.

The focus of U-ELCOME is a harmonised approach and the project seeks to cooperate with other European U-space implementations to understand what is good practice and what is common practice. The Harmonisation work package will produce a handbook for U-space implementation.

During the workshop, Javier Camacho from Collins Aerospace presented EALU-AER to the stakeholders. Within our project, Collins will deliver an end-to-end U-space infrastructure solution that will support and enhance the secure implementation of the services.