TRUStworthy inTellingent sYstem for remote digital tower

The TRUSTY project will design and develop a proof-of-concept of a trustworthy intelligent system for RDTs including visualization, explanation, and generalization with adaptability, accuracy, robustness, interpretability, fairness, accountability, and user acceptability to ensure safe and reliable decision support. It will define testing and validation procedures through real-world field cases to validate safety and reliability performance according to the needs of key user groups (technology developers, consumer testing groups and type approval authorities). TRUSTY aims to not only create an intelligent system but also to validate the system using real data from within the RDTs domain, instead of relying solely on benchmark datasets. Additionally, the project’s uniqueness lies in incorporating humans (e.g., operators) into the loop, employing AI-powered HMC/teaming for the generation of meaningful explanations and adapting models to enhance performance.


MDU is a progressive and collaborative university where one of the focus area is foundational and applied research in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, particularly geared towards the development of intelligent Systems for industrial, medical, and business applications. Notably, there is a dedicated focus on Trustworthy AI, encompassing aspects such as technical robustness, explainability/transparency, algorithmic fairness, and auditability.

ENAC is Europe’s largest aeronautical High School or university. ENAC trains a wide range of professions: engineers and high-level professionals capable of designing and developing aeronautical systems and, more broadly, air transport systems, as well as airline pilots, air traffic controllers and aeronautical technicians. ENAC provides training for virtually all aeronautical and air transport professions. It supports the training needs of all public and private stakeholders in these fields in France, Europe and worldwide.

The University of Rome “Sapienza” is the largest University in Europe hosting more than 70 PhD programmes. The Industrial Neuroscience Laboratory, within the Department of Molecular Medicine, develops innovation based on bioengineering knowledge applied to neuroscience. The focus is put on the recording and analysis of signals generated by the brain functioning and other physiological processes within different research areas, with particular regard to Neuromarketing, Human Factors and Clinical Applications.

Deep Blue is a research and consultancy Italian SME specialising in human factor, safety, validation and scientific dissemination. The company operates in context with high security, dependability and resilience requirements, such as Air Traffic Management (ATM), Aviation, Railways Transportation and Healthcare. The main area of activity of the company is the analysis and evaluation of interactive complex systems, with particular focus on the interactions, integration and allocation of functions between humans, procedures and equipment.

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