Auto-Steer Taxi at AIRport

ASTAIR aims at designing a support tool for fully automated ground operations supervision. The project has the potential to increase airport ground traffic capacity while mitigating the impact on human workload and environment.


ENAC, the French School of Civil Aviation, is the project coordinator for ASTAIR. Renowned for its research laboratory specializing in Aeronautics, the institution excels in Optimization, Computer Science, and Man-Machine Interaction. Leveraging top-tier access to ATM experts, engineers, and pilots, ENAC plays a pivotal role in the project, contributing to users’ requirement generation, HMI and interaction design, demonstrator development, and validation activities. With a commitment to excellence, ENAC drives ASTAIR forward, uniting expertise across diverse domains within the realm of aviation innovation.

TU Delft is the oldest and largest technical university in the Netherlands. The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is a key partner in ASTAIR, pioneering groundbreaking research to enhance aircraft operations in terms of efficiency, safety, cost, and environmental impact. TU Delft specializes in generating user requirements and is instrumental in the project. They are developing prototype algorithms for vehicle routing and assigning towing trucks to aircraft. With a commitment to innovation, TU Delft is propelling ASTAIR towards transformative advancements in aviation practices.

Deep Blue is a human factors consultancy with 18 years of experience in human-centric design for safety-critical sectors. The company excels in human-machine interaction and validation within R&D projects, fostering innovation and growth. In ASTAIR Deep Blue will contribute to generating stakeholders’ requirements, spearheading validation activities, shaping the human-centric aspects of ASTAIR’s transformative endeavors and leading communication and dissemination efforts.

EUROCONTROL is an intergovernmental organization with 41 member states. Its mission is to enhance the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of European air traffic management (ATM). The organization works towards achieving seamless and integrated airspace management across Europe, fostering collaboration among its member states and stakeholders . EUROCONTROL leads standardisation efforts in Green Taxiing and A-SMGCS services and is a key partner in ASTAIR. They support the development and validation of the concept of operations, organize workshops for concept elaboration and validation, offer operational expertise in A-SMGCS and Green Taxiing.

Groupe ADP is a world leader in airport operations. To serve its ambitions in France and abroad, the group relies both on a unique network of 27 airports at the end of 2022, operated under management contract or concession and on a pool of skills and know-how serving local markets. Groupe ADP identity in France and internationally grounds on common references: hospitality, imagination, operational excellence, sustainability and value creation. In ASTAIR, their commitment is evident through substantial contributions to the development and validation of the concept of operations.

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