On 22 September, the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking projects EALU-AER, BURDI, and U-ELCOME gathered in Amsterdam for the Digital Sky Demonstrators’ U-space Harmonisation meeting.

The meeting, hosted by The Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR), aimed to promote cooperation and align the insights gained from the Digital Sky Demonstrator projects. The overarching objective was to support the swift and sustainable growth of the European drone market. More specifically, these projects will share best practices derived from their diverse experiences, facilitating the implementation of U1/U2 services across Europe.

Additionally, the exchange of lessons learned will enable future implementers to steer clear of common pitfalls, while enhancing the projects’ capacity to accumulate practical examples from various sectors and scenarios they are developing.

Representatives from Collins Aerospace attended the meeting on behalf of EALU-AER, which, in collaboration with BURDI and U-ELCOME, will continue their collaborative efforts to harmonize knowledge, expertise, and resources. Their collective aim is to position the European drone market as a global leader in innovation and excellence.