On 10 October 2023, EALU-AER participated in the 2nd SESAR 3 JU Annual Conference in Brussels, Belgium. During the event, EALU-AER had its own exhibition booth as well as the opportunity to present its latest activities and results to the conference audience.

The event was an excellent occasion to join efforts with other SESAR projects, as well as network with relevant European institutions’ representatives and leaders in the sector. Specifically, we discussed Automation and the integration of U-Space with ATM with Philip Hughes, Head of European Aviation Plans Cooperation & Stakeholder Support at EUROCONTROL.

Moreover, we had the opportunity to engage with other projects with similar topics/work areas, with whom we will follow up for synergies. For instance, EALU-AER and Collins Aerospace will leverage the U-Space infrastructure deployed at the project for other SESAR Projects that were present at the SESAR Annual Conference: ENSURE and SPATIO.

One of the takeaways from Marian-Jean Marinescu, a member of the European Parliament, was that there is a need for the different European member states to work together towards a common standardisation, so the developments and implementations of U-Space across different countries are aligned, and that is why at EALU-AER we are working together towards an harmonization with the others Digital Sky Demonstrators projects (BURDI, and U-ELCOME that were present at the event as well) to build a harmonized pan-European deployment of the U-Space. We have a WP specially dedicated to giving Recommendations for U-Space Regulation and Standardisation to support this task.

Overall, EALU-AER’s participation at the SESAR 3 JU Annual Conference highlighted the significance of collaborative efforts in shaping the future of European airspace. Interactions with key industry figures emphasized the need for standardized approaches in U-Space development across countries. EALU-AER’s active collaboration with projects such as ENSURE, SPATIO, BURDI, and U-ELCOME underlines its dedication to establishing a unified pan-European U-Space deployment. Furthermore, the keen interest expressed by drone operators reflects the growing recognition of EALU-AER’s contributions to the industry.

Find more information about the conference here.