On 23 January ÉALÚ-AER participated in the Drone-A-Palooza, a one-day event organised by The Future Mobility Campus Ireland (FMCI) in Shannon, designed to bring together industry leaders, researchers, and policymakers to discuss the latest developments in AAM and explore the potential of drones to transform transportation and society.

The event kicked off with a keynote address by Phil O’Flaherty, Head of Aviation Safety and Security at the Irish Department of Transport. His insightful speech on regulation and safety in U-space set the tone for a day focused on responsible and sustainable drone integration. Interactive panels, engaging discussions, and insightful presentations followed, delving into various aspects of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).

During the second session of Drone-a-Palooza, the spotlight was the SESAR 3 JU ÉALÚ-AER project. The project coordinator Wassim Derguech from Future Mobility Campus Ireland presented ÉALÚ-AER to the public, introducing the project’s mission and latest activities.

After that, Aurora De Bortoli Vizioli from Deep Blue ran the Social Acceptance Workshop, an interactive session where she explained why ÉALÚ-AER wants to study social acceptance and why is important to assess the population’s needs and concerns over drones and Advanced Air Mobility.

The activity was essential to provide participants with an opportunity to share their opinions and concerns about the use of drones in their communities and work with experts to develop strategies for building social acceptance of drone technology.

In the following days, the ÉALÚ-AER Consortium gathered for the Annual General Meeting, during which the partners went through the first-year results, including a technical deep dive to set up the project’s future activities to ensure the establishment of Ireland’s first Digital Sky Demonstrator.