On 22 February, our EALU-AER partners Javier Camacho Font (Collins Aerospace) and Bobby Healy (Manna Drone Delivery) will be hosted as speakers in the iMOV3D project 4th Workshop on the Future of Innovative Air Mobility (IAM) in Madrid, Spain.

The event is a meeting point for the latest developments in IAM, U-space and air mobility operations with Unmanned Aircraft Systems. There will be keynotes and roundtables with the leading industry players in the field of new air mobility, as well as regulatory authorities (i.e., EASA, AESA, DGAC, and ENAIRE) to discuss the regulatory framework, with respect to aircrafts (UAS and eVTOLs) and U-space.

iMOV3D is a project that focuses on the development of advanced technologies and functionalities related to aerial mobility to face the paradigm shift in the current transport infrastructure.

See the agenda and register here.