Future Mobility Campus Ireland (FMCI) recently welcomed visits from two prominent Irish government ministers to discuss advancements in the field of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).

Minister Jack Chambers, Minister of State at the Irish Department of Transport, visited FMCI on February 9, 2024. During the visit, the FMCI team presented their plans for AAM in Ireland, including the upcoming Transport Research Area (TRA) event in Dublin scheduled for April 2024.

Wassim Derguech, FMCI’s COO and coordinator of the ÉALÚ-AER project, showcased the project’s goals during both ministerial visits. ÉALÚ-AER focuses on the deployment of U-space services in Shannon, Ireland. This project is seen as a crucial building block for establishing a vertiport in Shannon and will be featured as a demonstration at the upcoming TRA event.

Minister Simon Coveney, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, visited FMCI on February 1, 2024. The project coordinator also presented ÉALÚ-AER during this visit, highlighting its ambition to make Shannon a safe testing ground for U-space services. Additionally, Russell Vickers, CEO of FMCI, shared the organization’s vision to leverage the project’s outcomes to expand its capabilities and establish Air Taxi research and development (R&D) capabilities in the region. This vision includes plans to develop a full-scale vertiport at FMCI in their next phase of development.

These ministerial visits underline the growing importance of AAM in Ireland and the key role FMCI and the ÉALÚ-AER project play in shaping its future. The upcoming TRA event provides a valuable platform to showcase the project’s progress and its contribution to the development of U-space services in Shannon.