As part of HERON’s work package 4 “Standardisation and Regulation Evolution” led by Peter Green, EUROCONTROL hosted a workshop on Standards for SESAR 3 JU (SJU) Projects on 23 January. The workshop brought together 35 project leaders both virtually and at the EUROCONTROL HQ in Brussels.

Following a review of the Regulatory Framework, the workshop dove into the Standardisation Framework specifically for SJU projects. Project leaders then engaged in a discussion on identifying relevant standards across three key areas: Trajectory Based Operations (TBO), New Entrants, and Virtual Centres. This discussion helped clarify how to leverage existing standards, and when amended or entirely new standards might be needed for SESAR solutions.

The workshop received positive feedback from participants, prompting plans for dedicated online sessions focused on New Entrants and Virtual Centres in the coming month. These sessions will delve deeper into the specific standardization needs of these areas.

This workshop highlights the ongoing collaboration between EUROCONTROL and SESAR 3 JU projects to ensure their solutions align with regulatory and standardization requirements, contributing to the success of work package 4, which specifically aims to ensure safety, compliance, and seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies.