Just A Rather Very Intelligent System

Digitalisation is revolutionising the overall aviation ecosystem introducing automation and Artificial Intelligence.

JARVIS takes up the challenge

It implements and validates three new Digital Assistants aimed to team with their human counterparts and ensure safer and more efficient operations in complex scenarios.

JARVIS Solutions

Airborne Digital Assistant

Increasing the levels of automation and the use of AI-based machine intelligence in the flight deck will accelerate the adoption of new operations in ATM both for conventional mobility and emerging advanced air mobility. Airborne Digital Assistant directly enables reduced crew and single pilot operations while maintaining or improving current safety levels.

Air Traffic Control Digital Assistant

ATC Digital Assistant assists controllers in different operations: integration of new entrants, growing interconnections, optimized environmentally friendly decisions, and overall efficiency of air transport. In addition, AI-based data-driven algorithms support operators in different roles and phases of the flight reducing workload for busytasks.

Airport Digital Assistant

Adopting AI-based solutions directly impacts aviation safety and operational efficiency at airports. Computer vision supports airport operators in detecting intrusions and in avoiding risks of collisions, while also contributes to the calculation of aircraft turnaround processes and passenger flows. AI-enabled Digital Assistant will provide an alert system, helping to take appropriate mitigation actions and achieve a more predictable airport operations plan.


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